FightingNation Retro mechanical keyboard

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As typewriters went, the FightingNation Retro came. It's unique design paired with mechanical keys make it something special. All keys are anti-ghosting with RGB backlight so you'll never miss a keystroke.
    • Wired keyboard
    • Mechanical
    • 104 keys
    • RGB backlight
    • Brushed metal backplate
    • Blue key switches
    • Retro typewriter design
    • Anti ghosting keys
    • QWERTY

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Just meh.

    The keys aren't very responsive. I do like the LED lighting. Could do a bit better on the documentation. It's just ok.

    I still don't have it

    The keyboard still hasn't arrived, so I don't know why I'm being asked to give a review on it. Are you not aware that it hasn't arrived yet? I'm not complaining, it's only been 14 days and this is an international order, so it's natural that it takes this long. But you should confirm that I have it before sending this email no? Anyway, last bit of information, the package tracker (17track) that is tracking my order hasn't updated the order status since SEPTEMBER 30TH, what is that about?

    Dear Henrique, You're right about our e-mail reviews, we have adjusted them to only get sent after a period of 25 days. About the updating of the tracking information, this is quite normal. Most shipments will have a period somewhere in the middle (after departing the country) where nothing seems to be happening. This is due to the transferral between couries and pitstops the package undergoes. Don't let this worry you, as we will do everything to get that package to your doorstep. Regards, GamingNeeds

    It's pretty good

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    spettacolo bellissima consiglio

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