Anne Pro 2 wireless mechanical keyboard

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The Anne Pro offers great value for money. You'll find a mechanical 60% keyboard that's almost fully programmable with Bluetooth and full RGB backlighting. The keycaps are of high quality and the general construction quality is excellent. All this comes with its own software.

  • Wireless keyboard (Bluetooth)
  • Mechanical
  • 60% design
  • 1900mAh battery
  • Full RGB backlight (16.8 million colors)
  • Fully programmable
  • Supports 4 seperate devices at once (Bluetooth)
  • CMYK keycaps included
  • Double shot injection keycaps
  • Onboard memory
  • All keys anti-ghosting
  • Supports macro's

Customer Reviews

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Excelente teclado con pocos puntos flacos, siendo el mas destacable el no dar soporte a mapas de teclados distintos a Ingles. La calidad de los interruptores es muy buena (los azules un poco ruidoso como era de esperar) y el plástico de las teclas resistente y duradero. Los colores de la iluminación es buena pero le falta algo de intensidad y las transiciones de color algo tosca. La variedad de estas animaciones es escasa.


only 20 days shipping to NZ, keyboard is awesome. highly recommended.


very safe packaged comes with keycap puller was surprised


Highly recommended seller! VERY fast shipping. Item pact very well. The keyboard itself is very good. Feels like a high quality product. Custom lighting works very well (although, as mentioned in reviews elsewhere, not all colors can be achieved easily - but basic colors work very well). Something that's not mention often is that you can save multiple custom lighting schemes - so it's great for highlighting keys for different applications! Gateron Blue switches are loud... but I knew that before buying :) - not for office use - that's for sure! If you live with someone - you might want to consider Gateron Browns... I haven't tried macros yet - but if they work as well as custom lighting - it's exactly what I was looking for! Not just for gaming - this keyword is a great work tool!


My anne pro 2 came with a broken battery. :( No charging and and therefore no wireless for me. I tested the keyboard with the usb cable - working fine. Than I hooked it up to an 3.7v Wii U battery to test function and to rule out PCB errors. Connected to the Wii U battery the keyboard works fine so I will replace the broken battery with an OEM one. Seller offered a partial (and generous) refund which is very nice. 5 Star service for this. Overall I'm very satisfied with the keyboard. Looks good, feels good. Software is also working very good. Though slight delay on bluetooth compared to wired connection