KZ ZSN Hybrid earbuds

Color: Black
$ 29.99
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One of the best sound, bass and high. Best KZ and very comfortable.


First, if you are seeing this product, buy immediately. I loved it. Seller sent quickly. As an audiophile, I understand the sound. You realize every different sound every instrument. Sound is powerful. Bass is enough and of quality. I like bass and i am satisfied. Thanks to KZ for producing and seller providing a perfect shopping. I will buy more from here in the future. Note for beginners: This earphones aren't the same as yours you already have. Sound is so powerful and definite. You shouldn't listen aloud for a long time. Listen smoothly, so your ears won't get hurt and you can listen without disturbance. And: I used my old seinheiser silicones with this. It sounded even better with more noise protection. If you don't have silicones like that use those Kz send you in different sizes. Remember: the bigger the size, the better the bass is. I have been using Zsn for a quite time. I can surely say that i am so happy. I will buy more of this kind. When listening classical, jazz, orchestral or other kind of instrumental music such as rock or metal, KZ ZSN is unbelievablely gorgeous! While watching movies it rocks? however i couldn't taste well while listening to pop, club or disco music. I hope producers will make a KZ brand that will heavily focus on simple music which needs low mids and bass more. Before everybody judging, take these seriously: the qualifications of the device you are using and and equalizer settings play important roles. Also you need insert phones into your ear without leaving air.


came in 2 weeks.


Sound is really good and clear. Earphones are very comofortable. Wire is like a chain, so ir looks really cool and modern. Will order more Earphones are really good. Sound is clear. Looks really modern. Came in about 2 weeks. Seller was really friendly and nice. I am satisfied with it and will order more :)


fone perfeito. muito bom. extrema qualidade. sou músico e curti muito. Ótimo produto. excelente qualidade e chegou antes do prazo. sou musico e apreciei muito o som