Vakind Y601 gaming keyboard

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wouldent recomend. A Plasticy Scam

I got this keyboard as my first budget keyboard ne my new pc and with the price I was not expecting anything special. after 2 weeks of waiting it finally arrived and if I'm gonna be honest, I was fairly disappointed. The packaging was not very securing as it was just In a bag in a box which meant that during shipping the keyboard warped and this meant that when I was trying to use it, it would rock and make a quite banging noise when it hit my desk. To turn the lights on you had to press scroll lock? and they didn't flash or move, they just stood still and you could not turn down the contrast of them so they where fairly bright. the logo on the keyboard was a sticker and was put on the wrong way. And to top it all of, the instructions where in Chinese and no global translation and it also came with a Chinese movie subscription? And I am not sure if I am eligible for a refund. So yea..... Don't buy!